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Look in the mirror & all I see

Is you looking back @ me

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cyanide girl
18 November
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I like Southern Comfort.

1985 monte carlo ss, 40's, 8 mile, afros, anal fisting, baby phat, bar hopping, bd, beer, beer bongs, being diverse, big red, big round butts, big trucks, biz, bizarre, body shots, bon fires, bonging beer, breakbeats, bums, cadillacs, california, camo, canada, charli baltimore, chino moreno, chris tondra, christina aguilera, clubbin, cocaine, colored wife beaters, corn rows, crack pipes, cruising gratiot, dada, dancing, demf, detroit, devil's night, digital hardcore, dj spree, dkny, drawing, drinkin' wit da homeboys, drinking in parking stuctures, drunk bitches, ecko, emcee's, enyce, esham, fabio, flip, fourties, fucking you, gabber, gang banging, gangsta boo, getting gonzo'd, girl fight!, giving head, goldfish in condoms, graffiti, guess, handsome boy modeling school, hanging out with prostitutes, happy hardcore, hardcore, hardcore thugs, heroin, hip hop, hittin' it, hookers, hot boys, hot girls, how high, jenna jameson, jobbienooner, jungle fever, jurassic 5, kama sutra, krs1, ky jelly, lance smith, lance's hat, lesbians, lick my pussy, lil jon, lil kim, los angeles, ludacris, mackin', mad dog, magnum, making porns, margarita's, marshall mathers, mcnichols, mo, muskamoot bay, my thunderbird, new orleans, new york, nick cetlinski, ol' dirty bastard, olde english, pam anderson, phat farm, photography, pompadores, pompkie, prada, queens, red berettas, redman, rob zombie, royal oak, sex, sexing you up, skinny dipping, slangin', steel magnolias, steel reserve, stitch, strip clubs, swimming, tagging, taints, tattoos, tequilla, texas hold 'em, three 6 mafia, tommy lee, trina, trip hop, triple 5 soul, turn tables, vin diesel, wan, weenieball, wife beaters, wu-tang clan, your dad, your mom, your sister, yukon denali

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