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pass me tha green i need some weed with my hennesy

so im not gonna lie, im a little disapointed with the results of my super bowl weekend. i wish i could have been downtown more. i wish i woulda got to go to one of the huge parties. oh well at least i got to see some of it. working sucks.

last night was something like interesting. i went downtown with jessica. we killed a 5th in 25 minutes. surprise surprise.
we were walking around downtown around 130 am n this crazy ass black lady comes up to us and asks if we wanna go to the bar with her.. were like yea.
surprisingly there wasnt a lot going on down there as far as people being around it was kinda dead.
so anyway, we go to this bar and there like were closed, but the lady was like i come here all the time n they recognized her i guess and let us in. they took us into this a back room which was like a whole different bar. it was weird. it seemed like everyone kinda knew eachother.
so anyway were just talkin to people and shit, then the black lady was like hey i got you a shot, hennesy fa sho. so i did the shot with her.. then like 10 minutes later the bar tender comes up to jessica and was like you owe me 27$ for the 2 shots n the beer... were like what???
so i guess the broad said we were gonna pay for her shit?? even tho when i did the shot with her she was like "i got you a shot" so she comes up to us and was like "maaan i got yall in fa free you can't even buy me a drink" i dont know what this schitzo bitch was thinking.. shes like i aint even got no money. so the owner and everyone were comming up to us. we gave em the 10$ for the shot i did. this hot ass bouncer was asking me what happened.. n hes like ok n told us to come back some other time haha im like fa sho to see you...
anyway so that chick was like ima walk em to their car. were like no were straight esp after we were just screaming at eachother back and forth, yea i woulda felt real safe with her walking us back.. not. the bouncer wouldnt let her leave or whatever tho so we were straight...

in general, funny night. coulda been a lot funner if we werent with a crack head.

on the way home somehow we ended up sleeping on a side street? not really sure how we got there. i should prolly stop drinking. haha.
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