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look @ this photograph, everytime I do it makes me laugh...

Soo my mom is getting all the money she should have gotten from unemployment the whole time she didn't have a job, which is about the same amount she owes on the house. Soo this is good. No more worrying about that, at least I hope. ha....

I seriously cannot wait to move. Everyday I think about it more & more. I've done so much stupid shit here. I just want to start over.

I need to find a job @ either a strip club or just some bar as a shot girl or cocktail waitress... so far I applied @ Player's... the magaer told me I have to be 21 to be a shot girl??? & that she just hired some ppl. DAMN! That's where I wanted to work. haha... Tomorrow I'm gonna go to a bunch of places. Hopefully I find something...

I'm pretty excited to get away the weekend of the 19th... goin snowboarding all weekend.. with Lo Melissa & Richard. It's gonna be sweeeeet.

I am sick & it really sucks... but I haven't been in a while so I guess it is my time!!! hahah... hopefully it goes away soooon!!!!
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