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i love oldies

i wanna say thanks to everyone who left me nice comments!

tomorrow & thursday they are both being laid out & friday morning is the funeral. funerals & that are such akward experiences. nothing really seems real to me. i think its just too crazy they both went.

anyway i need to find a full time job that gives benefits.

i wasnt gonna buy anyone presents, but i think today im gonna go try to find at least something small for my mom & sister. esp my sister, i feel so bad for her right now. at least i was older when my dad(s) died. its still fucked up tho that all 3 men i considered dad passed within a year.

buying this car was the worst mistake ever! i've put so much freakin money into it. & still owe so much! right now i gotta go get my brakes looked @ & change the power stearing fluid so it doesn't make weird noises when i turn anymore. i wish i knew a mechanic!! that would make my life 1 million times easier.

i wish my work had a xmas party, it would probably be the funnest thing, ever. but noo corporate is fucking LAME!
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