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yeah survey

Five years ago, it was Fall 2000

Take this quiz, post the results, and see how much things have changed since then.

5 years ago...

How old were you?

What grade were you in?

Where did you work?

Where did you live?
fraser with my mom, step dad, bros & amber

Where did you hang out?
erics/royal oak, random ppls houses, macdonals, macomb mall

How was your hair style?
im sure i had a couple, probably something along the lines of short & purple/pink/blonde/etc

Did you wear braces?
i sure did

Did you wear glasses?

Who was/were your best friend(s)?
elizabeth, andrea, dana, ashley

Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Who was your celebrity crush?
JAY GORDON or maybe that was over by then, maybe twiggy or something

Who was your regular-person crush?
ummm mark orlando for sure, maybe others i dont remember

How many piercings did you have?
maybe my belly button, and like 10 in my ears

How many tattoos did you have?

What was your favorite band?
fuck... skinny puppy, frontline assembly, ec8or, atr, etc

What was your biggest fear?
not smokin weed that day, getting in trouble with parents maybe (not mine tho haha)

Had you driven yet?

HA HA HA!!! LETS SEE WHAT YOUR crap is now!!!!!

How old are you?

Whats your educational status?
somewhat going to college

Where do you work?
ruby tuesday!

Where do you hang out?
bars, work, ppl's houses sometimes

Where do you live?
harrison twp with moms n amber

How is your hair style?
really long brown

Do you wear braces?
hell naw

Do you wear glasses?
when i really need to see

Who are your best friends?
ashley, ashley, laura, katie, elizabeth, andrea

Whos your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Who is your celebrity crush?

Who is your regular crush?
damn i dont really have one.

How many piercings do you have?
3 & 10 in ears still

How many tattoos do you have?

What is your favorite band?
i have no idea.. i listen to too much different kindsa shit

What is your biggest fear?
failing @ life.

Have you driven yet?
i sho did

Isn't it crazy how much you change in 5 years?
fuck yeah... thankfully i am still friends with most of the people. basically, it just sucks getting old!
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